Digestives take the biscuit

Digestives top the list of the nation’s five biscuit tin favourites, according to new customer data from Sainsbury’s.

Digestives take the biscuit

Bringing up the rear, in order of popularity, are cookies, jam rings, chocolate fingers and rich teas.

The supermarket’s research also highlights regional variations after digestives are taken into account. These show that the Scots have become converts of the jam ring, as have the Welsh and people in the north west. Northerners are huge fans of the fig roll, whilst Northern Ireland is partial to a Jaffa cake. And in London and the south east a crumbly cookie goes down well.

According to Sainsbury’s, Britain’s biscuit lovers ate their way through 141m packets of them over the last year – that is 542,000 per day. Annual sales of packets of digestives are almost 17m.

Said the supermarket’s biscuit developer Claire Goldhill: “Biscuits are a staple of British culture, with millions of us enjoying them as a sweet treat – there’s no surprise to see these high numbers. Sainsbury’s biscuit aisle is one of the busiest, we’re forever replenishing stock.”

New biscuit lines from Sainsbury’s include giant microwaveable cookies and whoopie pie biscuits.

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