Design students come up with winning housewares

Innovative products that serve multiple functions and provide storage solutions are the top winners in the 15th annual Student Design Competition sponsored by US-based International Housewares Association.

Design students come up with winning housewares

Sarah O’Brien of the University of Louisiana earned first place and $2,400 for her design of Elizabowl, a flexible fruit bowl that expands and contracts to store and display various types and sizes of fruit.

Separate compartments for each piece of fruit help minimise bruising and significantly reduce the transfer of ethylene gas that causes over-ripening.

Second place was shared by Noah Balmer and Richard Hagee. Balmer’s KitchenSync allows users an efficient way to view recipes they have stored on their home computer, without printing them or bringing a laptop into the kitchen. The stationary dock houses the main components and is plugged into the wall. The book component connects magnetically to the dock and is charged through induction. The book slides off the dock and can be held in the hand or placed on a countertop for viewing.

Hagee’s Opus laundry hammock aids in the collection, transportation and handling of laundry. It hangs from clothes racks or in cupboards and allows easy gathering and sorting without bending over.

Two third-place awards went to Faris Elmasu for the BIN, which combines a waste bin with a light vacuum cleaner, and Alexander Brown for Della, a floor lamp/lantern/flashlight that provides room lighting and an emergency light.

The judges awarded a total of 19 prizes to students in 11 design schools.

The product prototypes and their creators will take centre stage at the Housewares Design Center at Chicago’s International Home + Housewares Show, March 16 to 18.

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