Davina champions the return of the crinkle cutter

A gadget in Lakeland’s exclusive kitchen preparation product range designed by TV star Davina McCall has become a runaway success with foodie fans: the Crinkle Cutter.

The utensil, which was a household favourite in the1970s to make potato chips, is now being used by today’s health conscious consumers to help achieve healthier chip alternatives such as vegetable crisps or sweet potato chips.

The 69-strong housewares chain said: “The launch of Davina’s Crinkle Cutter resulted in an initial sell out as fans of the range snapped up the handy kitchen gadget.

“Having become a kitchen favourite once again, the Crinkle Cutter is the perfect tool for Davina’s smart carb plan, focusing on easy-to-make recipes which replace refined white carbs and refined sugars with slow release ‘smart’ carbs.”

Davina commented: “Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. My Crinkle Cutter makes everything fun! With smart switches to healthier alternatives, the Crinkle Cutter transforms the way I prep vegetables, making it easier to get our five a day.

“Having the right tools for the job is key to successfully preparing healthy, tasty meals for all my family, and every product in my new range has been developed with this in mind. It makes me so happy that people are loving it!”

The Davina for Lakeland range also includes a personal blender, grater, kitchen scissors, paring knife and garlic press.


 The Davina for Lakeland Crinkle Cutter retails at £6.99

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