Curry is a hot favourite with children

British children are getting braver from a younger age when it comes to spicy food, allowing most mums to avoid having to cook separate meals for their kids.

Curry is a hot favourite with children

Research conducted by cheese brand MU in conjunction with Mumsnet found that 57% of children are partial to a curry whilst 66% even enjoy the spicy dish from below the age of three, dispelling the myth that they prefer all things mild.

Children in the Midlands and north east are the biggest curry lovers, with 61% enjoying it, while those in London and the south east have milder tastes, with just 52% giving it the thumbs-up.

Scottish toddlers are the most adventurous, with 75% eating curry from under the age of three, while, again, their counterparts in the south east are the least daring, with only 60% trying it. Four per cent of kids in the south east did not try curry until they were at least 10.

In the survey, 27% of mums admitted cooking separate meals for their children but 61% will cook just one meal for the whole family.

Children’s food expert and chef Beverley Glock says: “By encouraging children to try new flavours and spices from an early age, they will get used to eating the same food as adults. Parents can begin feeding their kids mild curries then increase the heat as they get older and begin to enjoy the flavours.”

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