Cream is top colour – even though it’s boring

New research from paint brand Dulux has found that our obsession with making money out of property is turning Britain bland.

Cream is top colour – even though it’s boring

Fifty-five per cent of people now choose to live in a home with neutral decor, even though 45% admit that their colour selection is lame and tame.

The survey of 1,600 home owners found that cream and off-white are now the main choices in more than one in four rooms, with the use of these “non-colours” doubling in the last 10 years (cream up to 21% in 2007 from 10% in 1997), making them the most popular shades.

Forty-one per cent of people quizzed last painted their homes in cream or off-white, largely on the advice of property gurus and estate agents, although 45% of the nation claims to think these colours are boring. Only 4% of people believe cream or off-white reflect their true personalities.

When asked which colours they actually liked, the home owners they were distinctly more adventurous, with 38% saying blue and 32% plumping for pink or red.

Estate agents and television property programmes often advise home owners to paint their homes shades of white and cream to maximise the appeal to potential purchasers.

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