Costa fuels cold coffee trend with launch of new brew

Coffee shop chain Costa has introduced a new beverage across selected stores.

Premium Costa Cold Brew is described as a smooth, refreshing drink is made from a single-origin Colombian blend, which is brewed in-store by baristas for 20 hours before being served over ice.

Costa says the absence of heat during the alternative slow brewing process reduces the acidity sometimes found in coffee, ensuring a sweeter flavour profile.

The drink is available black or with milk, with a range of flavour options including vanilla or caramel.

Kirstey Elston, head of marketing at Costa, commented: “As the nation’s love for coffee continues to grow, we are consistently looking to expand our offering by providing our customers with new and exciting innovations.”

Costa Cold Brew is being rolled out across 200 selected stores in London from this month, as well as in several markets globally throughout the year.

With 2,000 coffee shops in the UK and more than 1,180 in 30 overseas markets, Costa claims to be the fastest growing coffee shop business in the UK.

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