Cool Brugo mug solves a burning problem

The Brugo Travel Mug from Der’Nya Kre now has a younger brother, the new Brugo PTZ Travel Mug, which delivers boiling hot drinks instantly at a drinkable temperature.

Cool Brugo mug solves a burning problem

The PTZ in the name of this new thermal travel mug stands for Perfect Temperature Zone – patented technology that extends hot drinks’ peak freshness and flavour and allows the user to drink hot tea or coffee straightaway.

The product cools each individual sip, with the remaining drink therefore staying hotter and more aromatic. By turning the dial to Tip & Cool mode, the user creates the ideal drinking temperature; then, by turning the dial to Sip, he can drink directly from the central chamber.

The Brugo PTZ Travel Mug holds 475ml, equivalent to a large cup, and comes in a range of colours.

Retail price Brugo PTZ Travel Mug, £8.49; Brugo Travel Mug, £14.99

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