Consumers look for more antibacterial kitchenware

Manufacturers are failing to meet the consumer demand for kitchenware with built-in protection against bacteria.

Consumers look for more antibacterial kitchenware

That is according to Paul McDonnell, managing director of antibacterial technology company Microban Europe, who claims: “There are areas of the market where we’re very much aware that consumers have a keen interest in, and desire for, antibacterial products that is not being fully satisfied by manufacturers. These include clothing and kitchenware.”

In particular, consumers would like to see more chopping boards, kitchen tools and kitchen surfaces with bacterial protection.

The findings come from a recent independent survey carried out for Microban, which shows that three-quarters of consumers would prefer to buy products with built-in protection against bacteria than those without.

In the survey, 54% of consumers strongly agree that they would prefer to buy a product with built-in antibacterial protection while a further 18% agree – a total of 74%.

McDonnell said the survey showed “a definite appetite among consumers for products of all kinds that have antibacterial protection, probably far in excess of the number of products currently available in most sectors of the market”.

According to the survey, 70% want to use chopping boards, kitchen tools and kitchen surfaces with antibacterial properties.

Microban has licensed more than 150 companies to incorporate antibacterial protection into more than 750 products.

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