Consumers hard-pressed to find ironing fun

When it comes to tackling the laundry, ironing remains the most disliked job of all.

Consumers hard-pressed to find ironing fun

New research from Mintel into the nation’s laundry habits shows that ironing is hated by as many as 40% of people, while around the same number, 37%, admit it is one of the worst household chores.

Ironing is most likely to be done just once a week, with 32% of adults making ironing a weekly household chore, while 27% of people tackle the job less than once a week or not at all.

An enthusiastic 12% of the nation are ironing addicts, ironing all clothing items – including underwear. But two thirds of people only iron items that really need it.

And it seems that the age of gender equality has yet to be fully realised, at least in terms of household chores. The nation’s women are more than twice as likely as men – 79% against 37% – to take main responsibility for all the main laundry tasks in the home.

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