Consumers buy into healthier eating, says survey

Kitchenware and small appliances that cater for healthier lifestyles have seen sales soar, and now a new survey has found the same trend in food brands.

The study, by TNS Worldpanel and Marketing magazine, says that the launch of sugar-free Coke Zero boosted Coca-Cola’s annual UK sales by 7%, while Walkers enjoyed a 5% sales increase when it reduced saturated fat and launched baked crisps. Pringles saw a 17% jump by introducing rice crackers and promoting the fact that its products contained less fat than some others.

By the same token, the Bernard Matthews brand suffered severely through bad publicity about health implications concerning its products. Sales slumped 17% as a result of bird flu hitting one of its farms and Jamie Oliver’s disparaging remarks about Turkey Twizzlers.

Marketing magazine said food brands ignored the trend towards health at their peril.

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