Chrimbo Limbo or Twixmas?

It’s the time between Christmas and New Year when you forget what day it is. Known as Chrimbo Limbo or Twixmas, Waitrose has surveyed the nation to find out what they get up to in the festive lull.

A study of 2,000 UK adult respondents by OnePoll – for the supermarket chain’s free weekly newspaper ‘Waitrose Weekend’ – reveals that almost 60% said they would be ‘working through the leftovers’ during the holiday period. And after cooking the biggest meal of the year, only 11% said they will be cooking special meals like roast dinners.

Some 84% of respondents said they enjoy the time between Christmas and New Year, with 90% remaining at home. Reasons range from the obvious such as a welcome break from work or studies, to the opportunity to immerse themselves in football fixtures or the World Darts Championship.

Top activities include relaxing (72%), visiting family (57%), enjoying Christmas presents (52%) and catching up on Christmas television (47%).

Just 26% expect to work during Chrimbo Limbo and 20% say they will ditch house rules, such as getting the kids to bed on time, during the in-between days.

It’s not a fun time for some people, however: 16% dislike Twixmas, with many citing it as an anti-climax to Christmas, while others are just keen to start the New Year.

Surprisingly, 15% choose to take down their decorations before New Year, with those in East Anglia most likely to (20%).

One respondent said he enjoyed the time because: “I get to spend quality time with my lovely wife every day; chatting, laughing and just generally being together. Funnily, though, she seems to hate the period between Christmas and New Year!”

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