Charlie Dimmock comes to Garden Rescue

Celebrity gardener Charlie Dimmock is joining forces with Chelsea Gold Medal Winners The Rich Brothers (David and Harry) to transform gardens across the country in a new TV series.

In each of the 20 episodes of ‘Garden Rescue’, which is coming soon to BBC1 (date and time to be confirmed), the trio will descend on a garden that is badly in need of a makeover.

But the homeowners, drawn from around the country, will have their own budget that the gardeners must stick to. However much they have to spend, Charlie and the Rich Brothers will try to create a garden that fulfils its owner’s needs.

In an added twist, Charlie will create one design and the boys will create another. The owner will then choose one garden to be built.

BBC1 said: ‘When pouring our hard-earned cash into renovating our gardens, how do we ensure that our money is well spent and we’re making the right, green-fingered choices for our outdoor space, and ourselves? Charlie and the boys are here to show us how.’


l-r: David Rich, Charlie Dimmock, Harry Rich

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