Charity appeals for all those unwanted electricals

The British Heart Foundation is looking to collect 100,000 unwanted electrical appliances to re-sell in its furniture and electrical stores to help it raise funds.

Charity appeals for all those unwanted electricals

And a survey conducted recently by the charity suggests that there should be no shortage of products to fill its shelves.

Over half of respondents admitted they have at least one electrical item at home that they never use, although nearly a third of said they upgrade their gadgets because they want the newest products. One in 10 buys the latest product on offer simply through “boredom”.

The charity is hoping to collect throughout July a wide range of working appliances, from toasters, irons and kettles to radios and DVD players. It says that “stock is the lifeblood of our stores”.

The appliances can be dropped off at British Heart Foundation, Currys and PC World stores this month, in return for money-off vouchers for new products.

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