Changes in CellarDine distribution

Housewares distributor ICTC will take over CellarDine’s UK distribution for the independent sector as from August 1.

Changes in CellarDine distribution

CellarDine managing director Peter Dunne explained: “Our independent retail business is very important to us and after careful consideration, and with a view to improving our distribution and service of our products, it has been agreed with ICTC that they will take over our UK distribution for the independent sector.”

He continued: “As a business we work hard to develop new innovation and we feel that ICTC would be better placed to provide immediate distribution for our collection, in addition to supporting retailers with staff training, potential demonstration activity and special offers. This will allow us to focus on designing and developing new product with background support.

“We will be working closely with ICTC to ensure that our full range is supplied efficiently and I’m confident that the prices offered by ICTC will remain in line with those currently paid by customers subject to exchange rate or raw material increases.”

New products such as the ChillCore 3 in 1 system will be supplied via ICTC from September 1. The current product range will be available from August 1.

Peter noted that ICTC already offers the Metrokane range and this, combined with the CellarDine collection, “provides our independents with a perfect solution for a ‘one stop shop’ for wine & bar accessories”.

He concluded: “I would reiterate that this decision was made after careful consideration and in consultation with many loyal independent customers. I very much value the independent trade and I trust that this decision will allow us to continue working with this sector for the foreseeable future.”

The agreement excludes Northern and Southern Ireland.

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