CellarDine Free Standing Display Unit

CellarDine is delighted to introduce a new FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit) incorporating all the key lines and best sellers offering the “complete wine story” re opening, serving, temperature, aeration and preservation helping to maximise sales per sq ft. The stand is made of 100% recyclable materials and comes pre assembled with hooks, includes best sellers such as the Zap Cap bottle opener, Rouge 02 wine breather, ChillCore, Caddyo, Therm au Rouge red wine sleeve and some superb gift sets. Perfect for dept stores, gift/cookshops, garden centres, wine merchants and wholesale distributors.

For further information and availability please contact CellarDine on 01256 345560, sales@cellardine.co.uk, www.cellardine.co.uk/product/display-stand


PHA Kitchen Essentials 0151 651 2265 sales@phassocs.co.uk

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