Cachaca sales soar at Sainsbury’s

With the Olympic games upon us, Sainsbury’s customers are stocking up for Rio-themed parties.

Sales of the Brazilian spirit Cachaca leapt by a massive 125% last week compared to the same week in 2015, according to the supermarket chain.

Cachaça is distilled from pure sugar cane juice, and makes a suitable ingredient for a wide variety of cocktails including, most famously, the Caipirinha. This classic Brazilian national cocktail is a mix of Cachaca, lime and sugar, served over ice and garnished with lime or mint.

Cachaca is also used in cooking. Sainsbury’s development chef Shuwen Tan used it to make Caipirinha Beef Churrasco (pictured), suitable for indoor or outdoor cooking depending on the weather.


Caipirinha Beef Churrasco

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