Burn-risk coffee maker’s top can fly off

A stove-top coffee maker has been recalled after 30 people reported dangerous incidents involving the product.

Burn-risk coffee maker's top can fly off

The Spanish-made Valira coffee maker poses a risk of burns because as the pressure builds up while the coffee is being made, the central ring can become detached from the body of the product. This can then cause the top to fly off, potentially causing anyone nearby to be scalded by the hot liquid.

The aluminium coffee maker comes in three, six, nine and 12-cup sizes, and in induction and non-induction models. They are packaged in cardboard boxes, presentation boxes or display units.

The recall affects all of the induction models: six-cup (ref 1906/130 and 1899/141), nine-cup (ref1909/130 and 1900/141) and 12-cup (ref 1912/130 and 1901/141).

Of the non-induction models, only those with the brand name Valira engraved on the bottom are affected.

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