Bryan Clover completes his 84-mile non-stop charity hike in under 33 hours

My 84-mile non-stop hike from Bath to Reading is now complete. I managed all 84 miles in 32hrs 42 min and, not to beat about the bush, it hurt, a lot. By the end, it was more of a shuffle than a walk. I was down to about 1.5mph. At Reading I was completely spent. I had hit the proverbial wall with no energy left in my legs. I had taken a stonking 166,500 steps in less than one and a half days.

Today (Sunday) standing up is a challenge, and walking, well basically, that isn’t going to happen for a while. Had breakfast in bed for the first time in years. I’m not sure how, but I think I may have broken a toe!

Sean Morgan’s bacon butties and coffee on Saturday morning in Newbury gave me the energy and drive to keep going – Sean works for one of the sponsors and provided re-fuelling stops for me every 6 hours. I had gone through an awful night in thick fog, visibility down to a few feet, had fallen several times (not clever next to a canal), and turned my ankle more times than I care to think about. The fog had cold soaked me and my morale had disappeared; frankly I nearly bailed out at 102km. Sean and his bacon butties gave me the energy to keep going – Kellaway Building Supplies should hang on to that man, he is an absolute star!  He saw that I was flagging and gave me a boost.  Thank you as well to Aaron Frogley and Mel for turning up at midnight with emergency supplies!

Most people get blisters on their feet – I have blisters with a foot on them! But, as my old instructor Rolly Watts at RAF Cranwell used to say, “It’s only pain, it will end.” We are raising money for our mental health project, and this hike tested me mentally in ways that I couldn’t have imagined, especially overnight. Quite appropriate when you think about it.

Thank you for sponsoring me – it’s a cliche, but to know that people care enough to throw their hard-earned cash at something like this, but it does spur you on, knowing that people have faith in you.

The hike in numbers: 84 miles/134km walked – 166,500 steps, 9,200 calories burned, 18kg carried with water/food/spare clothes etc, 13 bottles of water, and 2 litres of coke drunk, 5 bananas eaten, too many oaty bars to count and so far, £8,489 raised.  And to the guy on Saturday morning who said that it was easy because it was flat, you are so lucky you didn’t end up in the canal!

Take it from me, I’m NEVER doing that again. Until I change my mind that is!

If you never got around to showing your support, here’s the link – if it misbehaves, just type in my name in the search box and look for 84in48…


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