Brits set to embrace European festive food traditions

European festive food staples such as the sweet fruited breads stollen from Germany and panettone from Italy are now so popular in the UK that Tesco has seen demand double in the last three years.

The supermarket chain’s Christmas cake buyer James Taylor said: “The popularity of European Christmas markets and food has given Brits a real taste for continental festive sweet treats.

“For many families, stollen and panettone are now as much festive staples as mince pies and Christmas puddings.”

Tesco has also seen growing demand for other continental Christmas treats such as lebkuchen (German gingerbread cakes in the shape of hearts or stars made with honey and spices) with sales up 15% and pekulatzius (biscuits that are popular in Holland, Germany and Belgium) with demand up by over 10%.

As a result of the trend Tesco is also selling a Ginger Bread House – which is another German festive tradition – but in the form of a kit which people can decorate.

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