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Brits go wild for burgers and bangers

As sun worshippers around the country are enjoying the hottest June days in 40 years,  Asda is set to sell a total of nearly 9 million burgers and bangers during the heatwave, as people fire up their barbeques.

With the nation set to revel in temperatures of a scorching 34 degrees, Asda predicts it will sell over half a million packs of burgers, which equates to 3.3 million patties. Nearly 700,000 packs of sausages are expected to fly off shelves, which equates to over 5.4 million bangers – lined up, the equivalent distance between London and Edinburgh.

Asda also expects to sell over 1.3 million packs of strawberries, or nearly 550 tonnes of the fruit – enough to feed crowds at Wimbledon for 18 years.

In addition, a 37% increase of rosé wine sales is anticipated, with new products, such as French Rose Marie, Villa Maria Blush, Prophecy, & Mud house in high demand. Cider and beer are also set to spike with sales of 60-70% during the hot weather.

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