Brits are a nation of appliance addicts

Britain is a nation of appliance addicts, obsessed with kitchen and household gadgets that make their lives easier, according to new research.

The survey, carried out by e-tailer , found the average UK adult uses 9.5 appliances every day, and owns 19 appliances with a total value of £5,579.

The data shows the majority of households underestimate their appliance usage, with 78% believing they use less than five appliances each day.

When quizzed on which appliances they use daily, respondents cited the TV, the kettle and the microwave as the three most commonly used.

Tumble driers, temperature appliances such as air conditioners and electric heaters, and bread makers are used least regularly.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at Appliances Direct commented: “Appliances are there to make our lives easier, and British consumers are clearly embracing that.

“We’re addicted to looking for the easiest option; we don’t want to do chores any more. So if there’s a machine or appliance to reduce the effort we need to put in, then we’re going to take advantage of that.

“Sales of robotic vacuum cleaners and mops have skyrocketed in recent years, and we’re seeing a constant growth in sales of dishwashers.

“Time-poor Brits are always on the lookout for solutions to make cooking, housework and entertaining the family more efficient, and advances in technology mean there are more appliances on the market to help them achieve this.”

The biggest appliance addicts are in Birmingham, where the average appliance usage per day is 12, compared with those in Bristol, who use just six on average.


Top 10 most regularly used appliances, other than the fridge/freezer:

1. TV

2. Kettle

3. Microwave


5. Coffee machine


7.Washing machine

8. Juicer or smoothie maker

9. Hair appliances

10. Vacuum cleaner


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