Brands ‘not benefiting’ from royal wedding ties

Consumers are largely unimpressed by any attempts branded products have made to associate themselves with this month’s royal wedding.

Brands 'not benefiting' from royal wedding ties

According to a survey carried out for Marketing by JWT London, both wedding-related products and marketing campaigns are leaving shoppers cold.

In the poll, 66% of consumers said their purchasing behaviour would not be influenced by associations with Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton, while for some it was a positive turn-off: 17% claimed that they would be much less likely to buy a product linking to the event.

Marketing says that of the brands that have forged an association with the wedding The Royal Mint has achieved most recognition for the link, with an awareness amongst 36% of survey respondents. Next up is novelty contraception brand

People living in London were the most indifferent to brands’ tie-ins with the royal wedding – in fact, all Londoners surveyed said they would not influence them.

More than half of consumers polled thought it was inappropriate for brands to attempt to increase sales on the back of the royal wedding.

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