Boska Cheesewares wins six Red Dot Awards

Boska Cheesewares is celebrating the news that four of its products have been crowned with prestigious Red Dot Design Awards for Product Design, and two more products received honourable mentions.

Boska is a Dutch family-owned company that specialises in cheese accessories. Over the course of four generations, the company evolved from blacksmith, ironware retailer, and hardware manufacturer to a company with 75 employees and five branch offices, including two in China and the US. Boska cheese accessories are available in 90 countries

The four winners are: a 1 litre fondue set with a copper finish that comes with a burner and four stainless steel forks; the 1 litre Candle Light Fondue Twinkle that is heated by five tea lights to keep the cheese warm; the Fondue Set Mr. Big, designed for parties and festivities, which is a super-sized fondue pan for 6.5 litres of cheese, made of fire-proof ceramics with 12 forks and three burners; and the Partyclette XL, which can be enjoyed with up to eight people. This raclette set is heated by candle light, with no cords required.

The two products that achieved Honourable Mentions are: The Raclette Quattro Concrete, which features a concrete base and copper details and fits a quarter Raclette cheese, enough for six people; and Cheese Slicer Monaco+. This is a cheese slicer that was not invented in the Netherlands, but is a typically Dutch product. Boska says you’ll find an average of 2.7 cheese slicers in the Dutch kitchen drawer and describes this as ‘the best and most stylish’.


The 1 litre Candle Light Fondue Twinkle is heated by five tea lights to keep the cheese warm

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