Bosch partners with Drop to bring connected cooking experience to home chefs

Smart kitchen company Drop is integrating its kitchen operating system with home appliances from Bosch with ‘Home Connect’ functionality.

‘Home Connect’ brings smart technology to appliances by allowing users control them with their phones or tablets. 

The integration will allow home cooks to control their Bosch Series 8 connected oven with ‘Home Connect’ remotely, by monitoring times, temperatures and settings from within the Drop Recipes app.

The Drop Recipes app brings hundreds of recipes (from partners such as The Food Medic and Good Housekeeping) to life by connecting wirelessly to the Drop Connected Kitchen Scale. Users open the app on their phone or tablet and turn on the scale to link to it wirelessly. Drop can rescale recipes depending on how many servings are needed or, if ingredients run low, it will refresh the recipe straightaway.

Both companies said the partnership ‘combines an interactive cookbook layer for the smart kitchen, which aims to bring a new level of intelligence to the kitchen that will help home cooks at all levels enjoy a seamless, interactive cooking experience’.

Drop explained that it has given the ‘age-old recipe book format a state-of-the-art facelift, making it into a machine-readable format that can now be relayed to appliances across the kitchen’.

Ben Harris, ceo of Drop, said: “We’re excited to officially announce that we are partnering with Bosch to truly make the connected kitchen a reality for everyone.

“Imagine your blender knowing how much of each ingredient you need for your favorite smoothie, or your oven pre-heating at the right time for the recipe you’re making – and turning off when your food is ready, or even being able to filter your recipes by what you have in your smart fridge.

“These ideas no longer seem fantastical. Your kitchen will be smarter, and we are excited to announce Bosch as our first partner.”

Johannes Müller, head of global brand communication of Bosch Home Appliances, added: “Bosch appliances are designed and developed to be surprisingly simple solutions. We feel that the enjoyable experience that Drop has created is very much in that vein.

“By adding the intuitive recipe experience that Drop has created to our products, it will allow us to continue to drive product innovation forward and make cooking a truly stress-free and seamless experience.”


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