Bodum seeks independent tests on recalled barbecue

Bodum says it will be looking further into the potential risks posed by its barbecue grill after it was withdrawn from the market.

Bodum seeks independent tests on recalled barbecue

As reported on last week, the Fyrkat 10630-565 barbecue has been recalled and stocks destroyed after it was found that its stand can reach a very high temperature during use, leading to a risk of both fire and burns.

The Chinese-made product, which is round and comes in red and black, does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 1860.

Now, though, Bodum is bringing in an independent risk assessor to test the barbecue. In a statement released to the company said:

“Following RAPEX report 44-2012, all sales of Fyrkat charcoal BBQ 10630 have been stopped and the matter is being taken seriously. However, there has not been a single incident reported and Bodum, therefore, decided to have the product and the risk assessment reviewed by an accredited independent third party.”

It added: “An official statement will be made once the investigations are completed.”

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