Bissell carpet cleaner dries in 30 minutes

ReadyDry, the new fast-drying carpet cleaner from Bissell, changes the ground rules of carpet cleaning, claims the company.

Bissell carpet cleaner dries in 30 minutes

It says the product harnesses the powerful, patented, quick-clean technology widely used in schools, hospitals and airports to create the fastest-drying innovation in homecare.

The appliance speeds up the whole cleaning process, washing and then drying in the time it normally takes to vacuum. Carpets are touch dry in under 30 minutes.

By using minimal moisture to trap, lift and remove dirt, ReadyDry washes and refreshes carpets and rugs without the usual disruption associated with cleaning. It does not soak through, and unlike traditional carpet cleaners, there is no direct cleaning solution spray/suction to floor.

It also offers efficient spot cleaning.

During 2009, Bissell will be running a major launch campaign for ReadyDry, encompassing a new television ad, press advertising, PR, POS material, merchandising and promotional activity.

Retail price £279.99

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