BHF online survey ‘will provide best picture of trade’

“The antidote to supermarket-dominated sales monitors” is how BHF Group communications director Michael Weedon describes the retail trade association’s new online quarterly business survey.
The survey is designed to be quick to complete, posing a small number of simple, unambiguous questions. It can be accessed at, and is available for members to complete from now until July 14.

“We’re regularly consulted by government in the UK and in Brussels by statistical and banking authorities, by the press and by our members themselves about the state of trade on the high street,” says Weedon. “This survey will enable our members to paint a realistic picture of the fortunes of retail across the country, drawing on their own, everyday experience.

“The survey itself will run alongside that already established by the BSSA, and the data from both groups of independent retailers will be merged to provide the most accurate statistical report available.”

Weedon added: “This is a chance for members to really make a difference in telling government how trading life really is for them. It isn’t the loudest voice that carries the greatest weight, but the most authoritative opinion that convinces most. A few simple clicks can be heard throughout the corridors of power.”

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