BHETA predicts ‘significant listings’ following Dyas day

BHETA says that last week’s Robert Dyas Meet the Buyer day was hugely successful for all parties and that it is expected to lead to a significant number of in-store and online listings.

BHETA predicts 'significant listings' following Dyas day

Forty BHETA members achieved a total of 76 appointments with the whole of the garden and homewares chain’s buying team, plus both heads of buying and commercial director Phil Green. Follow-up meetings and listings are already planned in all categories, and a number of BHETA members are thought to be in line for business in multiple categories, including housewares.

“We’re always looking for new and different product lines and we go to all the shows for that reason, but at shows it’s sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees,” said Green. “Here, thanks to some excellent organisation from BHETA, the whole team has the opportunity to see products from potential suppliers who’ve done their homework on our offer and pre-selected items to suit us. I expect we’ll do business with quite a number of the BHETA members here today.

“It’s also been really beneficial to see so many open-minded suppliers who are keen to show us products that could fit in categories outside their core experience, such as office or kitchen,” he went on. “It’s a drawback of the traditional buying route that suppliers tend to stick with one buyer and potentially miss out on other opportunities.

“This kind of event is a superb chance for both suppliers and buyers to interact outside of the usual buying channels and cover a considerable amount of ground in just one day. It saves time, it breaks the ice for the more reticent supplier and it gives all of us on the buying side the chance to take a fresh look at what’s out there in a really positive environment.”

Helen Keith, Robert Dyas’ head of buying for workshop and consumables, highlighted another bonus of the day.

“We use television advertising very successfully to drive traffic to store and online,” she said, “and the whole campaign revolves around clever little product ideas that stimulate the consumer to come in and look. I can honestly say that I’ve seen a really good selection of innovative, televisual products in all categories that would suit the campaign down to the ground.”

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