BHETA comments on post-Brexit plans

Following the EU referendum result, the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) has been advising members on immediate issues as well as gathering market intelligence on the bigger picture.

BHETA said its member services have been particularly busy, as many BHETA members that have made contact are ‘genuinely perturbed’ by the outcome and the forthcoming business challenges. 

The association has issued a general note to members and is now offering support and advice for dealing with some of the immediate challenges, such as the current value of the pound.  BHETA’s forthcoming Credit Forum on July 20 will see credit checker Experian offering members specific post-referendum advice.

Longer term, BHETA has already held meetings and attended forums with the CBI, the GCA (Grocery Code Adjudicator) and TAF (Trade Association Forum) and is also receiving regular updates from UKTI. 

BHETA housewares sector director Will Jones commented: “Clearly, the decision of the British electorate has profound implications for the short, medium and long term conduct of all our businesses – whatever their size, area or international make-up. 

“Some of these issues, like the weakness of sterling, are immediate; others will take time to emerge. We believe that it would be more prudent to send members selected relevant information rather than simply pass on a wealth of differing advice.

 “Until the future nature of the exit negotiation and surrounding political outcomes are clearer, our view is that BHETA is urging members to proceed with business as normally as possible in the current circumstances and will help with particular queries as they arise.”

BHETA DIY and garden sector director Paul Grinsell added: “As soon as the national and international position is clearer, we intend to hold a Members’ Forum based on the theme ‘Preparing for a Post Brexit World’, with relevant experts drawn from within and outside our immediate industries. This is not likely to be before late Autumn. 

“Between now and then, the board and the executive team will actively look for ways in which the association can help with advice and interpretation, particularly for smaller members.”

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