Best sellers at Potters Cookshop

Tom Carter, director of Potters Cookshop at Hockley in Essex, selected his top 12 best-selling housewares products for the January/February 2020 issue of Housewares Magazine.

Here he lists the products, his retail prices, and the reasons why he thinks they are selling so well:


1.Chilly’s reusable water bottles from £15

Great designs and colours – perfect for a gift

2.JWP LocknLock ECO containers from £1.99

Such a good idea: customers have really bought into it

3.Zyliss Cook Ultimate pans from £19.99

Never had a return. Tried and tested by the staff too!

4.Maxwell & Williams Pete Cromer coaster £2.49, mug £4.99

Lovely designs and colours. We cannot keep up with sales

5.KitchenCraft Industrial Kitchen range from £8.99

Still stylish and different to everything else out there

6.Smeg kettles and toasters £119 each

Beautiful design and the new metallics are stunning

7.KitchenCraft Alice In Wonderland range from £10.99

Sales haven’t slowed up since it launched. Very collectable

8.Wrendale mugs £11 each

Who doesn’t still sell a lot of these?

9.Le Creuset salt & pepper mills two for £45

Love the quality – and every colour to match any kitchen

10.KitchenCraft MasterClass bakeware from £4.99

Always ordering every week in large quantities

11.KitchenCraft Crumb Pet £3.99 each

Could not believe the sales of these at Christmas!

12.KitchenCraft Mikasa Julie glasses box of four £10

Every size at a good price – and quality to match


Number one: Chilly’s reusable water bottles

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