BBC One announces new show: ‘Easy Ways To Live Well’

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Steph McGovern are teaming up to present new series for BBC One focused on helping viewers live a healthier life.

‘Easy Ways To Live Well’ aims to reveals ‘simple and surprising ideas that we can use in everyday life to dramatically improve our diet, our fitness and our health’.

BBC One head of commissioning, popular factual and factual entertainment David Brindley said: “Hugh and Steph are a brilliant duo to help us all cut through the noise of the latest fads and advice to find effective ways to improve our health.”

Over three 60-minute episodes, celebrity chef Hugh and TV presenter Steph, assisted by GP Dr Zoe Williams, will sift through the latest scientific research to find smart ways of tackling some of the nation’s health concerns.

Armed with Dr Zoe’s advice, Hugh and Steph will help families and communities take on issues from stress and non-stop snacking to gut health and screen time, following their progress as they put different solutions to the test to find out which work best.

And in their personal search for a healthier life, Hugh and Steph will also test out some of the more unusual or extreme health tips for themselves, as well as calling out others that are simply nonsense.

Hugh said: “Time’s flying by, and suddenly I’m 54! I think it’s inevitable that, as you get older, you start to worry a bit more about your health. I’m actually quite fascinated to find out the changes you can make that will make a difference – provided they don’t hurt too much! Steph and I have different approaches to life and I think we are drawn to try out different things – but we are definitely up for challenging each other to step outside our comfort zones. I think between us we’ll be able to offer viewers the chance to make really worthwhile changes in their lives.”

Steph added: “As well as trying to help others, Hugh and I also want to make changes ourselves. I’m always on the go, which means my health has often been the thing that suffers. I’m buzzing about the chance to find simple ideas I can fit into my busy life – even if means sharing some, shall we say ‘intimate details’ with the nation!”


Steph McGovern and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

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