Barbecuing spend leaves holidays in the shade

We are now spending more on enjoying summer barbecues at home than we are on a week’s holiday abroad.

Barbecuing spend leaves holidays in the shade

According to the new Pimms Summer Socialising Report, Brits shell out £724 a year on having barbecues, while a week away costs on average £543 – almost £200 less.

The survey found that three in four of us organise up to five barbecue bashes each summer, each one costing £142. But not many hosts are prepared to pay for everything themselves.

A third of them ask guests to bring their own tableware and doilies – and one in 10 even asks friends to bring their own barbecue fuel and firelighters.

However, the partygoers are apparently willing to share the cost, with each guest contributing around £23 to food, drinks and gifts for every get-together. Half of those surveyed said the cost was worth it as catching up with friends and having a good time was a priority.

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