Are you a green-fingered gloater or a backyard boaster?

New research has revealed that Great Britain is a nation of green-fingered gloaters and backyard boasters, with a dose of outdoor space envy.

In a survey of 1,000 UK homeowners conducted by garden and conservatory furniture etailer, more than a quarter (26%) of respondents said they are most proud of their garden, over any other room or space in their home.

In fact, more than one in five (22%) confessed to holding a barbecue or garden party to show off their horticultural efforts. Almost three-quarters (74%) of boastful Brits admitted their alfresco entertaining space is their top backyard brag.

A lush lawn (54%), was the second most common boast, showing top turf is still pride of place for over half of British homeowners. Flower beds (36%), vegetable patches (27%), and water features (24%) were also popular points of discussion for proud gardeners.

Some 11% have even considered joining an open garden initiative scheme to share their green-fingered efforts with a wider audience.

But 35% admitted they are envious of a neighbour’s garden, and 27% are jealous of a friend or family member’s outdoor space. marketing manager Craig Corbett said: “It’s fantastic to see UK homeowners waxing lyrical and getting competitive over their outdoor spaces. Britons are famously houseproud, with this research proving that a man’s home really is his castle.

“Gardens and outdoor spaces are typically private and closed spaces. So it’s great to see Britons sharing their gardens with the nation as they take part in open garden initiatives.

“The boasts of green-fingered gloaters will hopefully spur on more homeowners to take up their tools and prepare their gardens for their friends and family, and make Britain really bloom.”

Those respondents aged 55-64 were most boastful about their gardening achievements, followed by the 25-34 age group, as young and first-time homeowners take pride in their new dwellings.

Residents of Wales (32%) were revealed as the region proudest of their outdoor space, while just 16% of Birmingham residents admitted taking pride in their backyard.

Top five garden gloats

1.    Alfresco Entertaining Space – 74%

2.    Lush lawn – 54%

3.    Flower Beds – 36%

4.    Vegetable patch – 27%

5.    Water Feature – 24%

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