Appliance ‘stops Lakeland in its tracks’

It takes a lot for an electrical appliance to stop Lakeland in its tracks, but the new Sage Quick Touch Microwave by Heston Blumenthal did just that, according to the specialist chain.

‘This smart stainless steel appliance head and shoulders above the competition,’ the housewares retailer said, thanks to ‘Heston’s exacting requirements and attention to detail, combined with the design know-how of Sage’s ‘food geek’ engineers’.

Sage’s intelligent, intuitive microwave senses the amount of humidity released from food and automatically adjusts the power level and cooking time to suit. Benefiting from over 3,000 hours of testing, it offers a selection of the most commonly cooked foods in cook, reheat and defrost modes, with time and power pre-programmed to take away any guesswork for optimum results. There’s an ‘A Bit More’ button if you’d like to make food hotter, a shortcut panel for melting butter and chocolate and cooking baked beans, ‘and you can have a personalised ‘favourite’ setting – great for porridge – and everything is clearly displayed on the LCD screen,’ Lakeland said. Its retail price for the product is £279.99.

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