A World of Flavour Awaits: Take a Taste Adventure with Le Creuset

The world hasn’t been able to travel for the best part of a year. We’ve missed the sea breeze, the sunshine and most importantly, the delicious food other countries have to offer. Le Creuset talk to Housewares on how they’re bringing some our favourite culinary destinations to our kitchens.

In a world where every new experience opens the door to the richness of flavour and culinary exploration, Le Creuset is inviting people to broaden their horizons from their home kitchens with its latest campaign: Le Creuset’s Taste Adventure.

Launching for Spring Summer 2021, the new campaign will shine a spotlight on global food to cook and indulge in, providing recipe inspiration from the most exciting culinary destinations around the globe. From Provence to Bangkok, Santorini to Vietnam or Marrakech: a world of flavours and aromas awaits you from the heart of your home.

With a range of key pieces across Cast Iron and Stoneware, the Le Creuset Taste Adventure colour palette is a sun-infused selection of shades with a sense of optimism: comprised of calming ombre Meringue alongside vivid Volcanic, as well as rich Cerise and vibrant Teal. Volcanic will transport you to a picturesque sunset scene, while Cerise is evocative of a fruity Sangria synonymous with summer; add a dash of Teal to your kitchen reminiscent of a beachy vista, or create the chic elegance of a bustling Italian palazzo with breezy Meringue. It’s time to embrace adventure and welcome the world into your home.

Le Creuset’s Taste Adventure is a celebration of eclectic cuisine; with eight destinations, each rich with signature flavours and a unique culinary identity. From elegant Provence: a destination synonymous with decadent and refined sweet treats, the Stoneware Rectangular Heritage Dish 26cm in sunny Volcanic is just the right choice for baking a zingy Citrus Olive Oil Cake, making a delicious afternoon pick-me-up or a light and refreshing dessert. For any aspiring bakers, the Bakeware 38cm Insulated Cookie Sheet is the ideal companion to create a St Tropezienne Tart, a delicate yet flavourful treat for all.

Santorini, with its tranquil views and stunning island vista, provides a cascade of inspiration for the emblematic dish of Greece – a melting Lamb and Sweet Potato Moussaka. Create this iconic recipe in the Toughened Non-Stick 35cm Rectangular Roaster, complete with Le Creuset’s best-ever non-stick coating that is now 4x stronger*, and evoke Greek seascapes by serving with a selection of Stoneware pieces in Teal.

Known for its lively colour and bold flavoured cuisine, adventurers will be transported to India with a Roasted Curried Cauliflower & Butternut Squash Buddha Bowl, beautifully served in the new Stoneware Serving Bowls 12cm & 24cm in a spectrum of evocative colours: Cerise, Volcanic, Flint, White, Deep Teal and Coastal Blue.

Taking inspiration from the rose-hued city of Marrakech, Le Creuset’s traditional Tagine, complete with a Cast Iron base and Stoneware lid, can be used to create an aromatic Slow Cooked Lamb and Apricot Tagine. Cooked slowly, the Tagine tenderises meat, creating deliciously developed aromas and flavours.

Teeming with vibrant energy, New Orleans’ food packs a similar punch – and with the Le Creuset 3-ply Stainless Steel Sauteuse, whip up a smokey Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. Take a trip to New Orleans from your home kitchen and fill your table with a range of multi-coloured Stoneware dinner plates, reminiscent of the Mardi Gras spectacle.

Valencia brings vibrancy to Le Creuset’s Taste Adventure, as the Toughened Non-Stick 32cm Paella Pan is the cook’s companion for creating a colourful Vegetarian Rice Paella, ideal for a table centrepiece everyone can dig in and share. Alternatively, serve a smorgasbord of Tapas small plates in the Stoneware Petite Casseroles, or new Small Serving Bowls 12cm, perfect for a lazy afternoon.

Ending with the fragrant flavours of Thailand and Vietnam, the iconic Cast Iron Round Casserole 24cm in Meringue is ideal for creating a bold Thai Red Chicken Curry, rich in flavours and delicately spiced. Serve alongside rice in the Stoneware Serving Bowls in 24cm, great for individual portions. Ideal to start a meal or as a tasty side dish are crunchy Vietnamese Rainbow Spring Rolls prepared with a host of fresh ingredients using the Stoneware 10cm Petite Casseroles & Ramekins and served in the Stoneware Dinner Plates with Peanut Sauce.

Le Creuset’s Taste Adventure invites home cooks to take a culinary exploration beyond their comfort zones to take inspiration from destinations across the globe. This quality cookware and bakeware bursts with different colours and finishes, creating adventurous taste sensations that let your dishes shine with the variety and vibrancy of global cuisine.

*Independently laboratory tested for metal utensil abrasion resistance.

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