A cookbook for food geeks

Cooking for Geeks’ is described as aimed at ‘anyone who wants to do more than follow a recipe’.

The cookbook answers questions such as ‘how do our senses of taste and smell work?’ and ‘how does heat change our foods?’ and includes recipes, anecdotes and challenges to put the reader’s new-found food science knowledge to the test.

The author is Jeff Potter, a self-confessed food geek. He said: “By bringing science to food-minded people and food to science-minded people, there’s the potential to make us all masters of the kitchen.

“From hot food issues such as what are trans-fats, to understanding the difference between organic, conventional and local foods, I created this new edition to help curious readers navigate their own food choices.

“There’s lots of fun experiments and challenges so it’s perfect for those cooks that want to know as much about ‘why’ as ‘how’, and who are prepared to have a go for themselves.”

Published by O’Reilly Media, ‘Cooking for Geeks’ has achieved wide acclaim in the author’s native market of America. With more than 100,000 copies sold, the second edition of ‘Cooking for Geeks’ boasts more than 150 pages of new content, and has been converted from American measurements into English grams and millilitres. It is available from online retailers Amazon, Wordery.com, Bookdepository.com and Hive.co.uk plus major high street retailers Waterstones, Blackwells and Foyles.

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