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Published on 20 - January - 2009

Tchibo to quit UK ‘as soon as possible’

German coffee and non-food products retailer Tchibo is to exit the UK market completely by the end of this year.

Tchibo to quit UK ‘as soon as possible’
Tchibo is pulling out of its UK concessions and standalone stores

The company has already said that its concessions in Somerfield and Sainsbury's supermarkets will close in 2009 as a result of the harsh conditions in the high street.

Now, it has confirmed that it will pull out of the UK "as soon as possible".

The leases on Tchibo's 50 standalone stores in the UK are reportedly up for sale.

Tchibo sells a range of kitchenware and other housewares alongside other non-food products, as well as operating coffee shops.

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3/20/2015 1:32:00 PM
Please come back !
By Thomas Cook
I still have a coat, cutlery, dvd boxes and towels from years ago.

12/21/2014 9:13:00 PM
Tschibo exiting UK
By Tony Miller
What a shame. Goods you know you can trust the quality of. Please consider, but if as expected you've no support from the so called 'business enterprise world' this is hardly surprising.

11/12/2014 5:51:00 PM
TCM Funk Thermometer
By Brenda Davies
Purchased my weather thermometer some years ago and is still working so I would look to replace it .
Excellent product , full marks.

11/7/2014 11:52:00 AM
coffee and gift ideas
By mrs.l.Watt
Loved you're concept, coffee and great quality household items at such good value,was shocked when you left Basingstoke

9/30/2014 9:25:00 AM
Tchibo online
By Gwen
From today on, Tchibo products are sold on and they deliver into the UK.

7/5/2014 11:37:00 AM
Missing Tchibo
By christine Brown
Please think about returning to the UK, you were great always a little different!

6/17/2014 8:29:00 PM
I miss your goods so much
By Lyn B
Was one of your best on-line customers. As I'm disabled & unable to get to the shops. Your goods were always a fair price & great quality.

5/27/2014 12:47:00 PM
Still available to commercial users?
By Nicko
There's at least one UK supplier still advertising Tchibo coffee machines. Looks like they're aimed at "professional" business users though.

3/8/2014 2:42:00 PM
Tchibo. Uk's loss
By Ali
Whilst Tchibo's items were very good quality, and I bought quite a lot from them myself, I think part of the issue was the constant changing turnover of stuff. Aldi and Lidl do the same thing and sometimes it can be frustrating, especially when something goes wrong and you can't replace it or you like something so much you want more of them and there are none left!

People in the UK are used to, and prefer constancy. We are not that keen on change. The other issue with constantly changing stock is that you never know whether a better product than the one you have just bought might be in stock next week, and that can put some people off buying.

Tchibo's products were fantastic, but retaining at least a core constant stock rather than a changing one would probably have gone down far better in the UK market.

1/26/2014 11:44:00 PM
Please come back! I loved the shopping experience! Bring back the store!!

1/16/2014 9:01:00 PM
Conditions improving - come back!
By Jane
Come back to the UK - I still miss your store. It was my favourite haunt and I bought SO much stuff - some I needed and some I didn't but all of it is loved! Please come back.

11/4/2013 1:49:00 PM
Weather Station
By Lee Foord
I purchased a TCM Tchibo weather station some years ago. I would like to replace it, is it still available SOMEWHERE????

10/30/2013 7:18:00 PM
Tschibo quitting UK
By Rob
I live in Dorchester and the Tchibo shop was the highlight in the high street, offering a great range of good quality products at very reasonable prices. It was very sad when it went and would love to see a return some day soon.

10/24/2013 3:00:00 PM
very sad that you have gone from the u.k
By pat yates
Hi, i used to buy online and loved every week was a different offer on. have bought a lot of things, and they last so well,, please come back.. i know that you can buy coffee on e-bay.

8/19/2013 8:48:00 PM
Miss you tchibo
By Sarah
Just got back home from Hamburg. Visited a Tchibo store there which brought back memories of the store I often visited in St Albans and bought lots of products from. I really miss it, please come back to the uk or at least be available online.

7/22/2013 1:58:00 PM
where to buy coffee?
By lilly
Anyone knows Tchibo shops still open or sell tchibo coffee in or around London??


6/11/2013 11:06:00 AM
Definatley Gone?
By Imogen Isherwood
I used to work for Tchibo some years ago and they were a great a company to work for and looked after their staff, are they definatley all gone? Really is a shame because I still have quite a few items I bought and all of good quality!

4/10/2013 7:37:00 AM
Is there any TCM Tchibo store left in the UK at all?
By Zita F
I am so disappointed to see that they seem to have exited the market. Is there even one store left?

4/8/2013 11:55:00 AM
Tchibo Coffee to go
By Steve
I still see they sell their great coffee in convenience stores and petrol stations under the name "Tchibo to go". It is fantastic coffee and at a reasonable price and more and more are appearing!

4/6/2013 7:34:00 PM
So so sad
By Jacky Wilson
So sad that a good company like you are leaving so so many things I have bought from you and yes the quality was superb ,come back eh xxx

4/1/2013 9:12:00 PM
By gordons
i work for tchibo. we are still here selling top quality coffee and coffee machines.

3/27/2013 2:43:00 PM
Loss of Tcibo
By David Mann
As with many others we agree the loss of this company was a great disappointment.
We also use their products on a daily basis.

2/24/2013 9:29:00 AM
Tchibo Coffee
By Sid
Hello, every one I dont know why I dont know why tchibo left UK but I am going to start sellin Tchibo coffee in my shop !! I heard that Tchibo is still here in UK and supplying Coffee and equipment to British Forces !!!

2/21/2013 4:44:00 PM
Tchibo Quitting
By Brian A
I am amazed to see people are still "talking" about this. One of the first great loses to the UK high street, does that make them daft or really smart to pull out? I so miss them and I use their products daily in just about every room of the house. A great shame they could not have kept a few choice bigger outlets going. How can we convince them to return??

2/8/2013 2:39:00 PM
Quality Products
By Jodie
I loved Tchibo and would love if they came back. Everything they sold had lasted far longer than they actually did in the UK. I bought some cupboards with alluminium roller doors years ago and still use them daily. I have had a new kitchen and still incorperated them as they are still so good

1/27/2013 8:30:00 PM
Why Tchibo left the UK
By Raboona Conundrum
The company believed that there was a, "weakness in the [UK] retail market", and they also failed to take off as they would have liked.

They were disappointed that their particular model wasn't appreciated by the UK customer, and that they were seen by some as just "a glorified pound shop".

1/15/2013 11:02:00 AM
quitting uk
By mark garlick
i use to work for tchibo in manchester at one of there head offices and distribution centres and was the best time of my life it was a great pity when we closed down and spent many a happy year there wish they would return great coffee !!!!!

11/30/2012 9:40:00 AM
Still Missed
By Debra

11/27/2012 11:37:00 AM
leaving uk
By Deirdre walker
I dont know the reason for Tshibo to leave the uk, it was so popular, does anyone know the reason?

7/15/2012 10:27:00 AM
Sad times
By Jbonnell
Its a shame Tschibo will no longer be on the uk highstreet. I knew them as a Bakery whilst spending a few years in Germany. I think if only adopted the same "cafe/baker" concept as over there, it might have worked.

2/27/2012 9:40:00 PM
By Julie Prendergast
It is such a shame that Tchibo have closed all their shops and left the UK. I loved their shops and their products and spent hundreds of pounds and never missed a week without going into one of their shops. In fact, the staff in my local store used to give me free coffees. All the High Street is full of is crappy and tacky pound shops :(

11/2/2010 11:47:00 PM
My friend who is 92 sent me searching for your coffee on my recent visit to Cheshire &I was shocked to see the shop in Crewe closed up.

10/14/2010 6:49:00 PM
Now What?
By bootnecksbs
I too have enjoyed the products offered by TCHIBO over the years and have spent in excess of 4000. One of these items bought was a Meridion HD TV. Since june this year I started to have problems with the image which would turn stripy after I had been viewing for 3-4 hours. Then 2-3, 1-2 hours and now no image at all. I have, since July, tried to establish contact using an 0800 number but no luck. I found an e-mail address but no reply. The TV is still under guarantee until 24/11/10 but as I'm unable to find anyone to advise me how to repair it I'm basically screwed. How can a large company such as TCHIBO get away with treating us customers like this? Surely there is something we can do?

9/17/2010 1:32:00 PM
By Max
Now they've left the country I'm left with a TV which doesn't work and unable to contact them to get it repaired under their 3 year guarantee!! The phone number supplied - 08000850507-gives an e-mail address which no-one replies to. Nice way to treat a customer who has spent in excess of 3000 in their shops.

9/13/2010 5:33:00 PM
Please open a Tchibo in London
By Ravi Pal
Tchibo was my one and only favourite, and there products were a life saver and you didnt really didnt need to go anywhere else. Excellent quality and price, I will really miss you. Please open atleast one shop in London. that will be great or at the very leat please leave the online open to us. If you close where will we get out products from?

9/8/2010 11:11:00 AM
closing down
By Liselotte Davis
Hello tchibo, I'll be sorry to see you go, maybe if you just keep the shops only it might work....but thanks for all my lovely china cutlery clothes,
best hot chocolate and everything else.
You will be missed. Good bye, liselotte

9/8/2010 10:52:00 AM
Tchibo closure
By Lee Davis
Hello, I am shocked at the Tchibo closures, as I have bought just about everything from them since they were in Croydon. German papers have reportet huge profit, like Billions, so come on stay open you can afford it. You can't take it with you. Lee.

9/2/2010 9:43:00 PM
Tchibo... why oh why ....
By Shane Andrews
Loyal customers left high and dry ...
Why do retailers treat their client base so badly ... and expect us to be
repeat business ...

8/26/2010 12:18:00 AM
Tchibo in Ireland
By Marie Delahunt
I have a recommendation - if/when Tchibo
leaves the U.K. then please set up business in Irland- preferably in Dublin

8/25/2010 7:58:00 PM
Tchibo quits UK
By Carole Heath (wallington Surrey)
I have just been sent an e-mail from Tchibo today saying they are stopping their on-line mail order service shortly in Britain. I have never brought any produts from Tchibo on-line at all as i thought the postage of over 12.00p was to expensive. But i have brought some of their products in their Croydon and Sutton shops in the past items like clothes and kitchen products which were very good value for money and of good quality i found. But sadly these two shops closed sometime ago, i liked their coffee shop in with the store and you could get your purchases and then have a cup of coffee which was nice. Perhaps Tchibo's intending to quit the UK is to do with the economic climate many companies have gone to the wall including the famous Woolworth's these are hard times sadly.

12/15/2009 7:34:00 PM
By Helen Held
My wonderful blue kitchen utensils bought 13 years ago in Tchibo Germany are slowly falling apart,they have been used daily since I bought them. So sad that I cannot replace them with some more from Tchibo. Those of you looking for real German coffee, google germandeli . Based in London, they are an excellent company with great delivery times, and a whole host of German food

11/13/2009 10:28:00 AM
End of Tchibo in UK
By Graham Silcock
High quality, a broad range, imaginative design, reasonable prices; what is the matter with people in the UK; that they cannot support such an enterprise. During trips to Europe I see Tchibo everywhere including in key 'top' sites such as the Graben in Vienna as well as throughout suburbs, and the shops are always full of people. For me this is just another example of British people being blind to, or prejudiced against everything European. When will we wake up and start looking outwards, not inwards and realise what we are missing?

10/27/2009 7:49:00 PM
Shocked that all the shops have gone
By Miss Perry
My family and I were great fans of your shops both in the coffee shop and your products we have spent a lot of money over the years and couldn,t believe our eyes when when went to Woking,Staines and Uxbridge to find them all closed down there was no mention of the shops closing so it was a real shock we miss the shops and the great products please come back to the UK my daughter spotted a Tchibo in Antayla Turkey in the summer but we didnt have time to go in there wish we had know because when we arrived home our local stores had closed down.

9/14/2009 7:26:00 PM
Tchibo to exit the UK
By Sarah
I am so disappointed that Tchibo have taken this drastic decision to exit the UK market. I have bought so many things from the company over the years both on line and directly from the stores. I will miss it and the variety and quality of goods. It seems a high postage price to purchase on line, perhaps you will review the charges, in which case you will still receive good custom from the UK.

9/13/2009 4:23:00 PM
By Rebecca
We waited years for Tchibo to come to this country and now you're leaving, what a shame. I have bought lots from the stores but definitely won't be paying the extortionate amount of 12.95 to order online- ridiculous!

8/27/2009 1:37:00 AM
Cost of postage
By Pauline
I am sorry to hear that Tchibo outlets are quitting the UK, i did look at their online shopping site and was about to place an order and was shocked at the postage rate of 12.50 for 2 small items so i am afraid i will not be shopping online with them again.

8/26/2009 5:57:00 PM
Tchibo Postage
By cass
I just checked again, because I can't believe they seriously think people will pay 12.95 postage on any order. I used to buy quite a lot from Tchibo, but not any more!

8/25/2009 6:48:00 PM
By Gill of Surrey
I love Tchibo and have shopped online and visited the Wimbledon store (now gone). Love the products but have just discovered the astronomical postage increase so I will sadly say 'Good bye' to them....

8/24/2009 5:57:00 PM
By peter
Disappointed that this high st, high quality store has closed. probably to make way for more charity shops

8/24/2009 4:51:00 PM
tchibo closing.
By john foster
Very sad to hear Tchibo's closure news in the UK. Like most comments here we got into the habit when staying with friends in Germany. Maybe they will return or at least keep one outlet going, perhaps,maybe, grovel.

8/23/2009 5:53:00 PM
Closure of Edgware and Harrow Stores
By C K
I was so disappointed to see these two stores closed. Tchibo is my favourite store.I have bought so many of your products and was looking forward to see your weekly offers. Please come back

8/23/2009 3:32:00 PM
Auf Wiedersehen
By Doris George
I was shocked to see the Swan Centre, Eastleigh, shop closed today - 23/8/09! It was the only reason I ever went to that Centre. Now I will only be able to shop for goodies when I visit my cousins in Germany - I prefer to see and touch before I buy! What a sad loss - I love Tchibo shops.

8/23/2009 12:41:00 AM
postage charge
By H Parker
I have shopped with you for quite a few years, your quality is good, your prices were very reasonable, but when you increased the postage cost it was the end of the line for me. I say, reduce that outrageous postage charge, and your customers will come flocking back and you won't need to quit the UK.

8/21/2009 12:42:00 PM
Tchibo Leaving UK
By Brigitte Hilmer
Please do not pull out altogether! We love all your products, but mainly the coffee! We are Germans who have lived in the Uk for 25 years, but there is still no shop in the Uk that sells really good German coffee, that is, roasted in the particular way and used in the Coffee machines, rather than the cafetiere! This would mean we have to import the coffee from Germany!!!

8/16/2009 3:16:00 PM
It's a shame
I was really surprised when my local store closed and contacted the company to find out why. Basically it's cheaper for them to run an on-line store. I too complained about the cost of delivery but they assured me that it matched other on-line stores. Not really sure where they did their research on this!
They are hoping that all their customers will use the on-line store but i told them "No". As stated in some of the other comments, it is far to expensive for delivery of the smaller cheaper items which deletes it in my books as being a good value place to shop.

8/11/2009 5:52:00 PM
Tchibo Stores
PLEASE Don't Go!!!! You have many loyal customers in the UK and we don't want you to leave!!!

7/28/2009 10:16:00 PM
By Helen Wyatt
I am really sad that Tchibo is leaving the UK. I think they are building up a loyal customer base and may be jumping ship too soon.

7/28/2009 11:30:00 AM
By margaret&barrie
Really sad to see the concept and the quality/value will disappear. May be seen to have been a premature evacuation!

7/28/2009 10:40:00 AM
Tchibo leaving UK
By R Newman
Like other posts I am sorry to see them go, I have purchased many good quality itemsa at good prices. I would shop on line but the punitive postal charges are too high for many of the smaller cheaper gadgets.

7/26/2009 3:27:00 PM
Tchibo exit
By Richard
I have always shoped online since they closed the Sainsbury concession, but now the delivery charge has gone from 4 to 12.95, the most expensive for any country in Europe, sadly I will not be using them again until the cost falls.

7/25/2009 7:57:00 AM
Sad to see you go
By Lesley Cresta
Very sad to see you go, you have been a firm friend for a good many years. Great items at reasonable prices and always good quality. Re-think please

7/22/2009 10:20:00 PM
By L.Hastilow
I have always looked forward to seeing Tchibo's new products each week. Such good ideas,service and staff! Then recently,I was shocked when postage shot up to a minimum of 12.95, which made smaller items ridiculously expensive.

7/17/2009 11:53:00 AM
Tchibo Exit from UK
By Matia Burton
The quality of their products at a reasonable cost will be missed,I hope they will be available on line.

7/7/2009 11:53:00 AM
Loss of Tchibo
By Jean Conway
I have been a loyal customer of the company and the quality of goods are excellent, I hope I can still purchase on-line? Though I do feel sad for the helpful staff who have lost their jobs.

7/1/2009 10:41:00 AM
By john murray
They may be mistaken ..... this type of business couls weather the storm of the recession.

6/30/2009 4:52:00 PM

By Belinda
I lived in Germany for 16 years and Tchibo was one of my favourtie shops good value and good ideas plus great coffee. When I returned to the UK i was so excited when I found a Tchibo in Oxford, alas it was soon to close. What a shame the Ebglish never fot to grips with the idea. Lucky me I still go to Germany regulary and bring back their great coffe unfortunately cannot bring back all their other good ideas.

6/11/2009 2:10:00 PM
Quitting Uk
By Lynne Frost
When I left Germany it was great to be able to get Tchibo online. Please don't quit.

Quitting UK
By Denise Salinger
I am very saddened to hear that Tchibo are intending to quit the UK. It has taken a while for the average consumer to get to grips with the concept but I personally think it is a brilliant idea and shopping experience. Please do not exit UK if possible. If there is no other alternative will we still be receiving emails/on-line shopping?

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