Industrial fusion: the hottest new kitchen trend?

The stand out kitchen trend for 2017 is ‘Industrial Fusion’ according to Schuller.

The German kitchen design specialist described the look as combining materials such as wood, stone and concrete and adding advanced technology to create ‘innovative finishes and solutions’.

The company said: ‘There’s a clear shift towards rejecting superfluous consumerism in favour of considered purchases that add depth to our lives. In the current climate, both locally and globally, we want to feel grounded, and it’s this desire that inspires the trend.

‘Industrial Fusion considers not just material but colour and shape too, with a new look at colour palettes, cabinet sizes, inserts and layouts, all inspired by natural material, human nature and industrial history.’


The 2017 schüller.C collection aims to recreate the look and feel of organic and industrial surfaces with modern finishes and lighting solutions

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